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Vampire Facial®

The Vampire Facial® greatly improves your skin’s texture, vibrancy, and overall health. Hada Cosmetic Medicine uses SkinPen® micro-needling technology to prep your skin’s surface for better absorption before applying your blood’s PRP. This same method can also be used to improve the appearance of your neck, chest, hands, or even a scar!

It is one of the newest and most popular (as well as promising facial aesthetic technologies) to hit young Hollywood in recent years. Several celebrities have been rumored to use it, but none more famously than Kim Kardashian—who boldly showed herself undergoing the procedure on her reality show.

While Kim's procedure was certainly made a bit more dramatic for the cameras—the results are difficult to argue with. She has what is, arguably, the smoothest, tightest, and most youthful looking skin in Hollywood. Hada Cosmetic Medicine can help you achieve the same results!

What you can expect after you get the Vampire Facial:

Vampire FaceLift®

The Vampire FaceLift® can be used to create beautiful volume and lift to the skin, just like dermal fillers. The difference is that your own body is regenerating to create the volume over time. This natural approach creates a youthful shape to the face and is a favorite of our injectors for the under-eye area. After your blood is drawn and spun down in our centrifuge, it is then artfully injected back into the skin. The blood helps you grow new tissue, smoothing your skin’s texture. It also encourages the growth of new blood vessels, increasing microcirculation and providing you with a beautiful radiant complexion! For more immediate results, you can combine this treatment with other dermal fillers and with the Vampire Facial®!

What you can expect after you get the Vampire FaceLift:
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