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Cheek Filler in Champaign, IL

Full, sculpted cheeks with ease

Cheekbones add important structure to the face, and low or diminutive cheekbones can make you look unbalanced.

Similarly, aging causes the fat in the cheeks to break down so the skin sags and grows hollow. Cheek fillers in Champaign, IL fight both of these concerns and more.

Cheek Fillers

Treatment Type


No. of Treatments Needed


Consultation Required


Treatment Duration

30 to 60 minutes



Results Last

12 to 24 months

What It Treats

Age-Related Volume Loss

Aging leads to the breakdown of facial fat and causes the skin to produce less collagen, cheek filler replaces that lost volume.

Diminutive Cheekbones

Sometimes you simply want to improve the contours you were born with. Bolder cheekbones can create an enhanced sense of balance.

How do cheek fillers work?

  • Cheek fillers typically work through one of two modalities. Some of the more common fillers are formulated with variations of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance that holds moisture.
  • They work by remaining under the skin once injected to replace lost volume or add to existing contours.
  • Newer filler technologies, like Sculptra and Bellafill, act through biostimulation and work to stimulate collagen production to replace volume over time.
  • Your provider will make recommendations for the best type of cheek filler for your needs.

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Cheek filler in Champaign, IL

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