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Tattoo Removal in Champaign, IL

Effectively fade unwanted tattoos

Tattoos are designs created by dyes inserted directly under the skin saturating the skin cells they are injected into.

Because of this, the removal of the tattoo has to be accomplished by a powerful laser that can penetrate deep enough. The heat and the pulses of light from the PicoSure laser can help patients break up their ink.

Tattoo Reduction

Treatment Type

PicoSure Tattoo Removal

No. of Treatments Needed

Varies, often many

Consultation Required


Treatment Duration

15 to 30 minutes



Results Last


What It Treats

Aging or Unwanted Tattoos

Sunlight, the aging process, weight changes, skin care, and skin laxity can all change the appearance of your tattoos. Unwanted images, visible locations, and poorly executed designs are the most common reasons clients ask for removal.

How Does Tattoo Reduction Work?

  • Tattoo reduction in Champaign, IL uses powerful laser energy and goes deep into the skin to reduce the appearance of tattoos.
  • The PicoSure device uses rapid bursts of energy to target the tattoo color pigment while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.
  • PicoSure also provides fast changes in pressure to break the ink down into small particles that your body’s lymphatic system will naturally eliminate.

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Tattoo Reduction in Champaign, IL

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