Microblading in Champaign, IL

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microblading in Champaign, IL

The brows of your dreams are closer than you think

Microblading is a manual method that uses an extremely thin, precise blade to draw crisp, hair-like strokes of pigment in the brow area.

This creates a fuller, thicker, and more symmetrical set of eyebrows without the daily hassle of filling, shaping, and more.


Treatment Type

Semi-permanent makeup

No. of Treatments Needed


Consultation Required


Treatment Duration

2 hours



Results Last

18 to 30 months

What it Treats

Thin, Sparse, or Nonexistent Eyebrows

Whatever reason you have for being unhappy with your eyebrows, microblading is a potential solution for stronger shapes.

Why Do People Get Microblading?

  • In the world of post-early-2000s eyebrows, a lot of us spend time every day filling in the parts of our eyebrows that never grew back after all of that aggressive plucking.
  • Microblading gives a lasting, natural-looking solution for sparse or thin brows that don’t frame your face the way you’d like them to.
  • With a very fine manual pen, we recreate, correct, and improve the appearance of your natural eyebrow with crisp, thin hair-like strokes of pigment.

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Microblading in Champaign, IL

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