Dysport, Xeomin, Daxxify, and Botox in Champaign Can All Be Used for Lower Face Rejuvenation

Botox and Skinvive For Lower Face Rejuvenation

Daxxify, Xeomin, Dysport, Jeveau, and Botox in Champaign all can be used for lower face rejuvenation. All these products contain botulinum toxin, but each has unique properties. All are approved for cosmetic indications. However, Botox brand is approved for the use in the most cosmetic areas and 12 medical indications using therapeutic Botox Medical.

Botox in Champaign can be used for Upper Face Rejuvination but it Can be used for lower face too

While lower face Botox is off label for lower face, the same principals treat lower face conditions successfully.

Male and female chins age slightly differently, but with aging the skin begins to loosen.  Botox can reduce the appearance of dimpling or puckering of the chin. It can also be judicially dosed to create a more defined, V-shaped chin. The effect can augment or complement the correction that is accomplished with filler. 

Marionette lines run from the corners of the mouth to the chin. Most effective marionette line correction comes from filler or Ultherhapy, Botox in small doses reduces the severest creasing.

Botox flattens vertical lip lines (unfortunately called “smoker’s lines”) around the mouth. It can also create a subtle roll to lip edge creating a fuller, more youthful lip.

Skinvive Addresses Wrinkling In a Unique Way

Skinvive is a dermal filler product designed to improve skin hydration, texture, and elasticity. Unlike traditional dermal fillers that primarily add volume to areas such as the lips or cheeks, Skinvive focuses on enhancing the overall quality of the skin.

More Advanced Correction Needs

Youthful jowls are created with the advanced filler techniques we have at Hada Cosmetic Medicine, specifically tailoring jawline, chin, and even midface correction with fillers. Once that is accomplished the addition of Botox can lift and tighten the jowls, which are the sagging areas of skin on either side of the chin. Applying doses of Botox in the bands of the neck increases the tightness of the neck platysma muscle to the jawline and neck, improving contouring of the cervicomental angle. This can create a more defined jawline and a sharp, healthy, naturally youthful appearance.