Even tone to the skin is radiant and natural

Even Skin Tones are the Prettiest

Splotchy pigment in the face causes skin tone irregularities, secondly skin dissatisfaction. A “desirable” skin color varies widely, in contrast even tone universally welcomed. Lightening and brightening of the skin completely differs from getting rid of unwanted pigment deposits in the skin layers. Products, facials, peels, and lasers each play a role in tone improvement. Furthermore, skin health varies with nutrition, hormones, stress, and seasons!

Skin Color

Skin tones blend yellow, brown and reds. This blend makes up classic “skin” color. Each unique blended tone forages a unique color. The yellow tones derive from collagen content. The brown tones from the pigment melanin. Red skin tones reflect the hemoglobin, blood vessels, and blood components of skin.

Simplistically, one skin color component dominating through your face produces uneven tone. Excess brown or dark pigment always blotches.

Stop Dark Blotchy Skin

Skin professionals at Hada Cosmetic Medicine recommend products and treatments for prevention and correction. The skin tone products reduce excess melanin patches in several ways. Ultimately getting rid of brown is decreased amount of melanin. First decrease the amount of melanin production by the melanocytes in your skin. Secondly, the skin will lighten.  Lastly, the combination of decreased production and resulting inhibition of release into the skin will even tone. Furthermore, what melanin is produced needs elimination from the skin. Products disperse the melanin so it’s not focused or dark. And other products attack and lighten the melanin pigment.

Unique Factors

Speed up the process of melanin exfoliation, treatments and products accelerate the movement through the skin. Health, your nutrition, your unique skin, your hormone levels, prior skin care and therapies, and any reactions in the past resulting in altered success of treatments.

Hydroquinone lightens melanin. Hydroquinone invades the skin melanocytes, destroying pigmen. Natural kojic acid arbutin, coffeeberry, blueberry, licorice, pulp mulberry, bearberry extract, or sunflower extract effectively clear pigment. Not only these ingredients are important, but results improve if you avoid UVA and UVB over exposure to sun and use sun protection.