Facial Exercising and Facial Yoga Can Modestly Improve the Look of the Jawline

Face Yoga

Facial yoga is incorporated into many yoga regimens, but can be done separate from regular practice.

Science has tried to establish the role of specific exercises to improve the look of the face with face yoga.

In 2015 a pilot study, approved by the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board, to evaluate facial exercises. This study looked at the ability of facial exercises in improvements to the look of the lower face. The 27 healthy participants were aged 40 to 65. Furthermore, they all were taught 32 different facial exercises. Not specifically face yoga. Volunteers were assigned facial exercises to do three times a week for 20 weeks on their own, at home. Evaluators reviewed before and after photographs and assessed the results. Overall, there was a decrease in ‘age appearance’ by about a 18 to 24 months for most participants. The participants themselves were happy with the results.

Botox softens wrinkles, face yoga moves you to a place of firming so the bed of facial musculature finds increased circulation. There’s no danger to face yoga that we know of, but the effects are subtle and don’t last past times of consistent practice.

Classes can advance your technique. First perform simple face yoga steps, 1-3 times daily.

  1. Blow out while fluttering lips, like a blend of a candle blowing and a ‘burr’ uttered in from the cold.
  2. Neck stretch and tongue follows. Look up, purse your lips outward and stick the tongue out. Gradually look down and soften.
  3. Poke your tongue to the cheek and rub out the inside surface of your lower face.
  4. Sit quietly and begin your mantra repetitions, Place your index and middle finger at third eye,, 5 minutes, morning is ideal.

Being expressive and smiling brings you inner sunshine and calm. If it’s not enough, hug it out!