Scalp PRP helps heal hair follicles and prevent loss of hair

Hair Toss is Best With Healthy Hair

Hair “toss-able” is healthy hair that is thick, no split ends, lustrous, and structurally intact. Quantity and quality of healthy hair is from hair stem cells, your scalp skin health, and scalp circulation. Here are a few tips to make hair healthy and keep it so!

Wet hair can be stretched to 70% greater length, if you tug greater than that it will break, so watch out when pulling your hair too tight in the pool or when sweating in a hot yoga class!  Using the right silicone swim cap helps. Your stylist can help with lots of styling dos and don’ts.

Scalps can be irritated, allergic, or subjected to toxins. Make sure you aren’t allergic to your shampoo. Allergies to shampoo can increase shedding. Even healthy hair absorbs toxin such as smoke. After a night out at a smoky club or by a campfire wash your hair to eliminate toxins. And don’t forget to wash thoroughly at your hair line, ch

Sunscreen your scalp as best you can

If you do get a sunburn on your head, treat scalp sun burns as you would treat any burn. Healing a sun burn can help prevent hair follicles from dying.

Most studies of PRP, platelet rich plasma look at treating hair loss, but it can be used preventatively!

Nutrition helps all skin and encourages healthy hair. The healthier your weight is the healthier your hair is going to be. Furthermore, normalizing both levels of inflammation and the hormones in your body.

Control Acne at the hairline With this Trick and Other Tips

Adding basil leaves or extract to your shampoo can help control acne at the hairline.

Reconsider types of makeup you use. Mineral makeup, and makeup with less toxic ingredients, is healthier for the hair line. Moreover, consider your hairline when skipping nighttime wash occurs to you!

Circulation of the scalp aided by regular head massages enhances hair beauty.

Medications for weight loss have been associated in clinical reports with hair loss. But bariatric surgery causes more hair loss.

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