Don't avoid hot classes they will help fitness far beyond the mat

Handle the Heat of Hot Yoga Better

  1. This blog will help you handle the heat of hot yoga better. Adding hot yoga to training improves maximal exercise testing, increases running speed and elevates blood oxygen levels.
  2. Dehydration from hot yoga persists for hours. However, short term dehydration doesn’t prevent the benefits. Blood plasma and total volume expansion occurs over the next 72 hours.

  3. Incorporating hot yoga into pre-race and in-season plans, alongside scheduled rest weeks with restorative hot yoga within a yearly training plan achieves maximum sports performance benefit.

  4. Tips to maximize hot yoga benefits. Practice hot yoga consistently. Be well-rested and adequately hydrated before attending a hot class. Never skip the warm-up and breathwork portions of the session. Practice breathwork at least twice weekly outside the studio. You will be able to always go back to your breath. Hydrate with water after completing the hot yoga class.

  5. Hot yoga can simulate the effects of training at altitude.  Practicing hot yoga regularly will help you handle the heat of hot yoga better in the future.
  6. See you on your mat at Hatha Yoga and Fitness. We provide a welcoming space for your hot yoga practice.