How to Score An A With Your Sun Screen

When you pick a sunscreen consider many factors not just. Sunscreen considerations include: feel, scent, tint, effectiveness, price, and shelf life. Furthermore, the right product fits each lifestyle (think getting wet, being in the snow, in the garden, or just sitting in front of blue light all day). We advocate the 4 “A’s” of sunscreen:

Allergies, Acne, Aeration (oxygen into your skin), and Anti-aging !

ADVANTAGEOUS (to the environment), incorporating the principal of safety of both to you, and the environment!

Shockingly it has come out the sunscreen chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate present dangers for coral reef and other marine life. In addition 3500 sunscreen products contain both!

OXYBENZONE- or- BENZOPHENONE are also found nail polish, fragrances, hairspray, and cosmetics to help these products be stable in light. Physicians also some concern that oxybenzone has both hormonal and photo-allergenic effects.

OCTINOXATEis also fairly ubiquitous and found in shampoo, lip balm, skin creams, hair color, and lipstick. If you see “long-lasting” on a cosmetic brands it’s often stabilized by octinoxate, so not as healthy for you as pure mineral make ups like Jane Iredale.

At our practice we sell several medical grade Sunscreens that do not have either of these ingredients, so that we meet 5 of the Hada “A’s” for sunscreen.  come in for a consultation to determine which is the best for you!