Beautify your toes with effective toenail beauty and come to Hada for the Right Moisturizer!

Put Your Best Foot Forward in Your Pilates and Yoga Classes

Put your best food forward in your Pilates and yoga classes. Pretty feet need a quick manicure to look yoga mat ready, but a few tips for common nail and skin issues.

Some conditions require prevention strategies

Keep toes moisturized.   Use your body skin care on your feet to put your best food forward in your Pilates and Yoga classes. Revision Nectiferm or Skinsceuticals Triple Lipid are both terrific for feet as well. Dry nails produce hang nails. Hang nails need trimming. Trim the nail close to the skin and nightly moisturize with a glycerin-based ointment.

Place a single nightly drop of vinegar under a fungus infected nail. Use the vinegar on each toes in cases of nail fungus.

Start with a pumice stone to thin the nail tips after soaking. Additionally, treat thickened toenails with topical applications of a salicylic acid to further soften the nail. If your nail resists cutting, see a podiatrist.

Urea based creams soften thick toenails. Furthermore, applied nightly the urea cream produces a top softened layer can just be wiped away with a finger!

Often it’s just your shoes!

Poorly fitting shoes, not vinyasas, leave ridges on the toenails. Identify the issue, omit that shoe, or fix the shoe. In the meantime, cushion so the contour of the shoe doesn’t let your foot wiggle as you walk. Adding heal insert will fix the poor fit for bunion feet.

Improper shoe fitting affects ingrown toenails. A small pea size piece or smaller of cotton can be pushed under the nail. Elevating the nail over trapped skin relieves pressure.

Cracked nails ‘heal’ by a drop of glue, and in addition, patch of a small piece of tea bag!