New clinical research helps us expand our understanding of how to best customize the solutions to your sexual health issues using Mona Lisa Touch

Innovative Solutions to Sexual Health Issues: The Mona Lisa Touch

 Mona Lisa touch is a minimally invasive and innovative enhances sexual wellbeing. It is exceptionally good  vaginal dryness. therapy  Although FDA cleared, these treatments are in the early stages of study according to some women’s health organizations. We have over 10 years of experience and welcome questions.

Mona LIsa Touch therapy addresses vaginal dryness, vulvar itching and irritation, and urinary issues. These issues are sensitive and best solved through a long-term partnership with your health care provider. Factors ranging healthy libido, arousal, sustained sexual enjoyment, and orgasm can all be addressed by the addition of Mona Lisa Touch. . Women need a combination of wellness approaches, cosmetic therapies, hormonal solutions and medical solutions best address your personal concerns, and at Hada Cosmetic Medicine and Women’s Health Practice we address them all.

What Mona Lisa Touch Therapy Involves

Fractional CO2 laser therapy, Mona Lisa Touch laser, treatment takes 5 minutes. Topical anesthesia provides comfort for the vulvar portion of the therapy. 48 hours after therapy women can resume hot tubes and resume sexual activity.

On going research affirms safety and effectiveness of Mona Lisa Touch.

Laser tightening and healthy tissue provides vaginal rejuvenation. For women with sexual pain conditions treatment series enhances other vaginal treatments.  Both urge symptoms and urinary incontinence are helped with Mona LIsa Touch, Lichens and other vulvar skin conditions improve with this laser treatment;, and orgasmic dysfunction benefit from this therapy.

The treatment sequence is simple. Mona Lisa Touch uses three treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Mona Lisa Touch treatments effectively addresses vaginal dryness. Emsella, ThermiVa, hormone therapy, and medications compliment Mona Lisa Touch.

Women find the treatments comfortable. Rare side effects include minor vaginal infections, urinary irritation, localized temporary pain, or temporary vaginal discharge.

We design a treatment plan suited to your needs.