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Have You Optimized your B12 Levels to Have Glowing and Healthy Skin

Have you optimized your B12 levels to have glowing and healthy skin?

When we hear you think you have dull skin we suggest increased B12 levels to have glowing and healthy skin. Vitamins and nutrition are important components of glowing and healthy skin. Vitamin B12, or cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that is important in the hematological and nervous systems. B12 has many skin consequences, both due to deficiency or excess of this vitamin.

Your skin treatments will enhance glowing and healthy skin if you have proper diet, and vitamin levels appropriate supplements will beautify your skin as well.

Testing for B vitamin deficiencies can be helpful in planning diet changes and the need for supplements. Even those who aren’t deficient may benefit from a boost of trace mineral consumption such as zinc and copper. Even a basic CBC blood test can let you know if you have optimized your B12 levels for glowing and healthy skin.

Natural sources of B12 only comes from animal products: meat and dairy. Vegans are most susceptible to B12 deficiencies and need supplements to avoid the special types of anemia that is due to B12 deficiency. Older individuals, and pregnant women need extra B12.

Severe B12 deficiencies can cause neurological symptoms, but there are cases of people going prematurely grey from deficiency as well. Low B12 can also cause or exaggerate hyperpigmentation of the skin.

B12 nutrition is a critical factor in our immune system and helps to fight a variety of common illnesses such as viral infections.

B12 injections can be given with or without additional supplements depending on your health needs.